Dogs are not Food T-Shirt

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Dear awemazing hooman,

I'm Holly. I was a stray malnourished beagle pup from Canada before I was rescued and adopted by my family.

Have you ever fostered or adopted a stray pup?

It may not be easy at first. It may take us weeks before we can warm up to you. But we will be FOREVER GRATEFUL for you for the love and care you've given us. If I wasn't rescued, I'd probably given up during the winter.

Since then, I've been living the best life I could possibly have. My family brought me to the Philippines and we stayed there for almost two years. Now, we are living in Vietnam for almost a year. I've made a lot of friends with local dogs in PH and VN. But then, we realized there's an issue we need to address.

The dog meat industry is prevalent in Asia.

10-20 million dogs are getting killed for meat in China alone every year.

Roughly 15,000 dogs are sold for dog meat in Indonesia monthly.

Hundreds of thousands of dogs are getting kidnapped and sold every year to the restaurants and street vendors who sell dog meat. They are kept in small cages, starved, beaten, tortured and eaten. Worse, they are burnt alive and served as popular delicacies.

I have some furry friends who were kidnapped right at their own homes. I've noticed many locals eyeing me probably thinking that I would taste good for their dinner. We are very cautious all the time.

These numbers are crazy high but it won't stop us from doing something to my fellow furry friends.

For every 4 purchase of our ‘dogs are not food’ movement shirt, you can save a stray dog from being sold to the dog meat industry.

Skip a night out to an expensive restaurant this week. Convince yourself not to buy your 101st pair of designer shoes. Miss the movies this Friday night to contribute to our cause.

Help us rescue 50 strays this 2020. It may not be a lot compared to the number of dogs getting consumed every day but it is a start.